Trekking from Kalaw to In Dein – Day 3

This morning  at the guesthouse, Mr. Hti made us crepes!  with fresh fruit and local honey.

We trade stories with other trekkers, brush our teeth in the open air “bathroom”…. then time to get on the road.


It is foggy this morning, but the road crew is already active in front of the guest house.  2014-10-30_2041

Young women moving dirt with their hoes and bamboo baskets to fill up potholes. Some young men were in the group, but the girls were definitely more efficient workers.  (Road work by day, peanut preparation by night!)


Village girls on their way to school, close to the wooden monastery.


The road climbs up toward a pass – the fog is burning off to reveal more colorful landscapes.2014-10-30_21312014-10-30_2118

Two happy trekkers with Mr. Hti!


People in Burma are mostly Buddhist, but many also practice animistic folk religion. There is a strong belief in the Nat spirits, some of whom are benevolent, some not so much.  Almost every home has a nat shrine, with flowers and fruit offering, to keep the Nats happy. Inside this roadside shrine is a bed for the resident nat, as well as food, water, flowers and a lit candle.

2014-10-30_2126 2014-10-30_2125

A little further along, some young monks seem to have escaped their classroom..


At the top of the pass, there is a sort of café, full of trekkers and locals. Lots of Chinese motorcycles parked in front.



Dishwashing takes place in the open!


We make a short stop to rehydrate – and then push on: its all downhill from here to Lake Inle!

We get our first glimpse of the lake.  The water level in the shallow lake has been going down for several years, as deforestation brings more sediment down from the surrounding hills, and climate change causes more evaporation.


As we descend, the temperature is getting hotter. Would love to cool off like this guy…


At last we are at lake level – almost there – seven hours after leaving the guesthouse!


A few more minutes of walking, and we arrive at the river’s edge where our longboat is waiting to take us up the lake to our hotel.  Time for a well-deserved cool drink from a coconut. We made it!  Our trek is complete! YAY!!!


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